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Proven track record across industries. Strong partnerships with Project Management Companies

Technology, Media & IT

Electromech Infra possesses vast experience in servicing clients in this space - both domestic and international heavyweights. Many of our clients have consistently been at the forefront of innovation in the technology space, and Electromech Infra has successfully provided the technical infrastructure in the clients' buildings that facilitates such innovation.


Financial Services

With the Indian banking sector growing rapidly and penetration of domestic and global financial services firms increasing annually, Electromech Infra has symbiotically worked with multiple customers in this area to fulfill the multi-technical needs in their buildings.


Industrial & Processing

Electromech Infra is well positioned to provide energy and cost-efficient solutions to businesses in the manufacturing and processing industry. We work with civil, industrial and plumbing contractors to design and execute installation of all other technical infrastructure in the plant.


Medical & Pharma

Electromech Infra has over the years worked inside new hospital buildings and commercial premises of businesses in the medical and pharmaceutical space.



One of Electromech Infra's newer areas of interest, the residential construction market offers interesting growth and learning opportunities. We work with architects and consultants specializing in this area to provide residents with an energy efficient living environment - including Green Building Certifications.


Hospitality & Leisure

Hotels and sports & leisure arenas are increasingly demanding sustainable solutions for their energy and electrical needs. Electromech Infra works with clients in this space to provide the optimal multi-technical services in order to help clients achieve their goals.