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Electromech specializes in providing services and solutions that are optimal and tailor-made for the client. Our specialization is in the design, installation, maintenance and consultancy of the following technical services. A combination of all these services is also available in the form of an integrated/turnkey solution.


Electromech has built an expertise in this field over the past two decades, and offers a holistic contracting solution in terms of lighting, cabling, paneling and other electrical needs of our clients. Our experience in this field has enabled us to work seamlessly with other technical service providers during the design and installation phase of technical infrastructure of a building.

Energy Efficiency

Through Electromech's affiliated company, clients are provided energy audit services. The audit and analysis acts as a catalyst in understanding the optimal energy efficient solutions for our clients, following which, we are able to provide highly technical solutions that have proven to save up to 40% of our clients' energy usage.


Through this new foray, clients are offered customized ventilation, air-conditioning, temperature control and other associated technologies that ensure a healthy indoor climate is achieved inside buildings and plants for employees, workers and equipment.

Fire & Safety

We offer clients a complete range of installation and maintenance of fire safety equipment, alarm systems, extinguishers  and other ancillary items. 

Networking & Security

With businesses increasingly depending on connectivity across the globe, a robust and comprehensive data network, systems management and data storage solution is paramount. Electromech provides its clients' with installation services for such infrastructure. Similarly, with an increasing need for confidentiality and physical and digital security for businesses, Electromech provides technical installation of equipment such as CCTVs, electronic visitor control and access badge systems and biometric access systems.

Integrated/Turnkey Solutions

Our most value-additive proposition available to clients is in the form of an Integrated/Turnkey solution, in which, Electromech is able to offer more than one technical service mentioned above. Electromech extracts synergies across its resource structure to provide a high quality, client-centric and cost-efficient solution to clients. We are continuously developing innovative frameworks to increase customer benefits.

Maintenance Contracts

The in-house technical staff and expertise allows Electromech to provide its customers with a focused and best in class service throughout the year for maintenance and repair work of existing installations in buildings and plants. Maintenance contracts form the basis of a win-win partnership between our clients and ourselves, as we are always involved in working with the client to reduce their operational costs and ensuring high up-time of installed equipment and devices.